Title Description Product Reported To Vendor At Vendor Response Due Vendor Workaround Due Vendor Solution Due
issue forms are ugly make them nicer Project Useful
Need separate permissions for different functions Need to be able to give permissions to various groups For instance ... -guests (non-logged in visitors) can view a project -clients can view items and add notes or issues but not tasks, stories, sprints, projects, products -scrum master can add / edit sprints -team members can add / edit tasks and stories Etc. Project Useful
individual blog entry links current a blog displays all entries in full on one page. it should display a limited number of entries and provide links to more entries. also, the entries that are displayed on the listing page should only display a specific amount of the entry with a link to the full entry Project Useful
Active projects are not sorted alphabetically should default to alphabetical ordering. Project Useful
mobile display doesn't show menu dropdown button doesn't show menu icon on mobile / smaller browser window Project Useful

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